Are you listening to the Dis'ease' in your body to prevent Disease?

Are you listening to the Dis'ease' in your body to prevent Disease?
Growing up I watched my parents ignore their bodies and internalized more than I realized. I decided that, as an adult, when I feel something is not feeling comfortable in my body, I will do something to support a change.

Need to update your fall wardrobe? Why not have an online party?!

Need to update your fall wardrobe?  Why not have an online party?!
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7 Day Yoga Challenge is what YOU need!!! Don't take my word for it!

7 Day Yoga Challenge is what YOU need!!! Don't take my word for it!
Here are a few people that expressed WHY they wanted to do a 7 day yoga challenge and HOW it helped them focus on self care again!

I am hoping to get some more stretching in to help with my stiff body (especially my lower back). It has been almost 8 years since i practiced yoga (before having kids). Specifically i want to work on 1 and 2; increase flexibility and gain muscle strength. Thanks for doing this! -Alia
Appreciated today’s affirmation - much needed as I’ve fought some severe anxiety over the last few days... looking forward to tomorrow! -Holly
"Definitely need this after a long day...have to remind myself to breathe during some of the stretches but it feels great! Ready for tomorrow!" -Jessica

My sacred space for today is a corner of my bedroom I have refallen in love with, since sprucing it up while getting our house ready for the market.
"I'm doing midnight yoga here, because quarantine life!" --Judy

"Today was challenging, but I persisted. Work was crazy, the kids had their own things going on. I took a few minutes for myself and let go of the weight I was feeling. Thank you for this challenge!" -Kallie

I have put my physical health so far in the back-burner since we transitioned to elearning for the kids and teleworking for us. This week, in addition to this 7 week challenge, we are trying to set up a schedule to include more workouts in our week. This yoga challenge is a great way to wind down my day. -Judy
"When thinking about my intention and being centered, I can and should be taking control of my time in a way that helps me feel and be more healthy. I struggle with this because I am a giver - I give to my kids, my husband, my job, etc. Being home has actually required me to give even more, in that I don't have the help of sitters and family." -Kallie

"This challenge has helped me take control of self-care while letting go of what I think it "should" look like. Yoga in my bedroom with a three year old climbing on me still counts. I still expressed my need to do this for myself. I still showed up." -Kallie

Are you ready to jump in to a 7 day Yoga Challenge?  

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Yoga Challenge Day THREE: Moon Salutations

Yoga Challenge Day THREE: Moon Salutations

Affirmation: I AM STRONG

Yoga Benefit #30: Builds awareness for transformation.  The mind is a powerful thing and a catalyst for change in the body.  You really don't have to be on the mat to practice yoga everyday.  If you bring these mindfulness, affirmations, and breathing exercises into your daily routine, you will notice transformation happening.

Did you know I made a 90 Days to Joyful Living challenge in my FB group?  Go to Guide #2 to get started anytime!!  I want you to stick around longer than this week!!  I'm here to help you transform your mind and body and that is a journey to travel together.

Day 3: My moon salutation video

Daily Q+A: Have you noticed any changes in your thought patterns or sensations in your body yet this week?  Transformation begins by bringing awareness to the body and mind.

7 Day Yoga Challenge Preparation: I CAN DO THIS

7 Day Yoga Challenge Preparation: I CAN DO THIS

Welcome to the 7 Day Yoga Challenge!

Affirmation: I CAN DO THIS (repeat to yourself as you set up for this week's challenge)

Before you begin, we have a few weekend tasks to complete: 
  1. Buy a bag of lemons so you have enough for the week.  

  2. Set up a sacred space where you will practice each day.  It doesn't have to be spectacular and if you don't have a yoga mat, that's perfectly fine.  You can use a beach towel. Also, grab a towel, blanket or pillow to keep nearby as well. I've shared a picture of a space that I use at home in my bedroom.  It just feels like I can enter a peaceful state of mind quicker when I use the same space and keep it special.

  3. Set your intentions for the week--write them in a journal, choose a few favorites from the 38 benefits article.  Please post one or 2 of them for us to see!  We can check in on them throughout the week.

If you want more than my 20 minute challenge or want to save this for the rest of the month,Yoga with Adriene has an entire month of yoga here and this week she has some free offerings.  I am not affiliated, just sharing the free week here of yoga here.  Her welcome video is also inspiring if you need another push!

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