Hi! My name is Tanya and I'm a sugar addict.

Hi! My name is Tanya and I'm a sugar addict.
This is in no way supposed to be funny.  I really am serious.  Sugar is a drug and sugar is addictive.

Just read this for more information about how sugar acts in the body.

I remember as a kid eating sugar out f the sugar bowl as a kid.  Instant boost!

Now, as an adult, I've realized that I'm a binge eater and also I have bad withdrawals.  When my blood sugar drops, I get angry!  I've seen this in my daughter as well.

So, with other addictions you cannot have any of said substance or you'll go back to dependency. I've found this to be true for me.  If I have sweet treats in my house, I can't stay away from them.  Holidays are the hardest because I overeat and I can't stop.

Of course abstinence is the best option, but I want to have some treats as long as I'm being intentional.  I've found the best thing for me is to have rules.

That's why I've found Intermittent Fasting (IF) to be the best for me.  I can have a sweet treat everyday and then not overindulge.  I'm not spiking my blood sugar all day long and some days I don't even crave anything anymore.  I don't usually eat before 11 am so it works well for me to have a late afternoon treat or a dessert.

On days that are special or a day that I fall off the bandwagon, I don't blame, shame, or have guilt anymore.  Eating should not be linked to stress because that leads to horrible changes in the body as far as energy and hormones.  This can further lead to weight gain and inflammation.

That's why my course doesn't restrict all sugar.  Restrictive diets leave us feeling shame and guilt and we often just fall back to old habits.  We need to reduce the cravings and enjoy sweets and carbs in moderation. Our thought patterns around food need to be positive and I include daily affirmations to reinforce this.  My course will have you developing new patterns and new food choices so that it becomes a lifestyle not a diet!  One of my favorite affirmations from the course is "I can make mistakes and be OK."

 Read this for more on the psychology. 

Want a detox course that you can do anytime you want?  

It's designed to be done several times throughout the year so you can make incremental changes and build new habits.  I also have a FB group to help with accountability.  It's super affordable because everyone needs this course sometime!

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How I keep from sounding like an 80 year old smoker every Spring and Fall!

How I keep from sounding like an 80 year old smoker every Spring and Fall!
I was miserable every time the season changed! It often required me to get antibiotics for sinus infections or bronchitis.

After adding these 5 practices into my life, I can now say Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I've been without antibiotics for over 5 years now!!

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Why I don't panic when we feel the start of an illness!

Why I don't panic when we feel the start of an illness!
Peace of mind comes from having all of the tools already at home.  When one of the family members starts to feel under the wellness line, we just use what we already have in the Doctor Mom arsenal!

This is how I avoid feelings of overwhelm:

1. Increase all of the things on my list of every day immune system help.  
See that blog here!

2. Stay away from sugar and dairy as soon as we feel a bit crummy.  
I give tea with honey instead.  And we like to have honey with cinnamon as well.  Cinnamon is an immune stimulator!

3. Start diffusing cleansing oils to purify the air or help with respiratory illnesses. 

These are a couple of great ones: Thieves, Purification, and RC.

4. Set up a spot for the sick person with all of the following:
  • own pillow and blanket
  • bandana and tissues
  • Thieves hand sanitizer
  • Thieves mouth spray
  • Purification roller bottle
  • Detox Tea with honey
5. I spray every few hours with Thieves cleaner and wipe down surfaces.

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WHY I tried Intermittent Fasting and WHY I like the lifestyle

WHY I tried Intermittent Fasting and WHY I like the lifestyle
My Story:
I've never liked the idea of dieting, buying low fat, or putting some sort of metabolism boosting pill in my body.  But, after 2 kids and realizing that I needed to do something differently besides exercise more, I was attracted towards Intermittent Fasting.  My yoga teacher and mentor had been posting about her journey on Facebook and she inspired me to try it.  I began January 2019.  Read to the end to find all the resources that I used on my journey.

Here are the WHYs:

  1. What I love--There is no guilt for eating at parties, holidays, drinks with friends or dessert just go back to your schedule the next day.
  2. I can be flexible with my schedule--There are always changes throughout the week whether it's work, brunch, dinner parties, birthday parties, etc.
  3. Fasting helps with my blood sugar levels--no more hangryness. I was known for this growing up--hell, into adulthood too!
  4. I sleep better--I notice a difference when I slip up or want to have a late night drink or party.
  5. My anxiety is better and that's probably because my blood sugar is more level.  I don't use sweetener or eat carbs in the morning.  And strive to just eat them once per day.
  6. Fasting helps me to make better choices with the food that I do put into my body during my eating window.  See below from Dr. Jockers about an anti-inflammatory diet. I strive to eat as healthy as I can and love so many of these foods, but life gets so busy sometimes and I just love to have special treats here and there.  Ningxia Red antioxidant juice ensures that my body gets what it needs even when I'm busy or not making the best choices!

An anti-inflammatory diet should include these foods:

  • tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collards
  • nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
  • fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and oranges 
Once the body is properly trained, most people are able to easily do a 16-18 hour fast everyday. The easiest way to do this is by missing breakfast to extend the overnight fast. Have a light lunch or mid-afternoon snack and then a large dinner. For many, they feel so great doing this that they choose to never go back to eating any differently.  If you prefer to eat breakfast and lunch and fast through dinner that works great as well!

WANT TO LEARN MORE about Fasting?

I used 2 books to learn about Intermittent Fasting in addition to Dr. Jocker's articles.
Delay Don't Deny by Gin Stephens is an easy beginner book to Intermittent Fasting. 
The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung is also super easy to read.  I just love how they both keep the science simple, but I appreciate learning why and how fasting works in the body. 

Are you ready to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle? I can help!

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