Om Begins with Mom Workshops

No one really teaches you how to unconditionally love yourself like your mother did or still does.  
So how do you find this unconditional love for yourself?  It can feel really elusive.

At times, you look to the external to reflect love back to us from your children, your partner, your mentors, and your friends.

When you find those individuals that can reflect back your own love or your own limitations towards loving yourself, that's where the magic happens.

In this collection of recorded webinars and workshops you will find:

  • a mom 
  • a mentor and
  • a friend

These loving women will reflect back:

  • your wholeness
  • your beautiful heart and
  • your unique essence

This is a safe space in your life 
  • to hold yourself like your mother and
  • to feel the power of that unconditional feminine love
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