Are you feeling exhausted 

trying to keep up with life's demands?

Maybe you are resorting to unhealthy coping strategies or avoidance behaviors?

Do you ever feel like you give so much love, support and energy to others but have lost connection with yourself?

Life happens. Trauma happens.  Stress happens.  

Now, more than ever, we need the tools and strategies to cope with life’s ups and downs, twists and turns.

Emotional turmoil, internal struggle, and discontent don’t have to be the norm in your life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or tired of waiting for that magical time of life where everything just feels “right”...

I want you to know that it is possible to be content, 

at peace, and even joyful

right now, exactly where you are.

Let's do this!

Grab it Now!!
Don't wait for that magical time.  
Life is too short.

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It’s time to discover (or rediscover) yourself, your passion and your true purpose.

It’s not up to someone else, and no one is to blame.  There is no judgment here.  Just a safe, supportive space to explore…

When we feel embodied and empowered, the relationships in our lives flourish.  That includes the most important relationship of all.  The one with ourselves.

You can be more present and open in your relationships, accept and feel all of the emotions that arise in your life (even the really vulnerable ones) and find joyful living.  

   Reclaim Your Body, Transform Your Mind
A 6-Week Program designed to help you reconnect with yourself.

My hope for you is that you will find purpose, 

connection and JOY through these 6 weeks 

and carry them with you for the rest of your life.

How It Works
Each week, we'll focus on a single topic, supported by recorded group coaching and exercises to maximize your progress.

When you sign up, you'll receive an email that will help you log in and access the online library.  This is where you can find all of the videos and activities we will use throughout the program.

Meet Your Coach

Tanya Milano Snell
Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor & Coach
I’ve been where you are...

I grew up with parents that were stressed and close to snapping.  I trapped trauma in my body.  

Despite making a commitment to my body and mind, after years of grief, I found myself exhausted and depleted.  

I was a burnt out mom and teacher.  My back was in constant pain and I was having a hard time falling asleep or I was waking up really early and not able to fall back to sleep.  

I started asking myself, “What do I need to feel good with myself so that I can show up best for others?”  

I quit my job and started going back to mindfulness and yoga practices.  I was journaling and chose a more mindful diet that made me feel energetic. I was living in my highest values again instead of trying to please everyone else.

Now I help other women to do the same.  To take back their bodies and minds and care for themselves so that they can show up for their lives feeling energized and joyful.

I’m passionate about healing and joy and helping people achieve both.  


The Program
6 core topics over 6 weeks:

 Week 1: Mindfulness                                                                   

Be more present and aware with your mind and body

 Week 2: Self-Love                                                                    

Develop the capacity to hold more compassion for yourself and others

 Week 3: Sleep  and Relaxation                                                                      

Build relaxation throughout the day and Sleep better and more restfully

 Week 4: Limited Beliefs                                                                    

Acknowledge some of your limited beliefs and subconscious patterns so you can stop feeling shame

 Week 5: Purpose and Creativity                                                                     

Foster creativity, playfulness, and authentic purpose

 Week 6: Letting Go                                                                     

Acceptance for all of you and all that life has to offer you.

You'll Get...

*6 weeks of recorded group embodiment coaching sessions

*6 areas of transformation: mindfulness, self-love, relaxation, limiting beliefs, and purpose/creativity 

*Ongoing support in a dedicated Facebook group for all of your questions

*Weekly videos for yoga and mindfulness

*Guided meditations

*Journal prompts

You’ll also have lifetime access to all of these resources (including recordings of the group coaching calls) and any future upgrades.

...and there are BONUSES!

Bonus #1:  Extra mindset videos to support you...

Bonus #2:  1:1 sessions to set intentions

Bonus #3:  A weekly email check-in to keep you accountable

My Clients Are Saying...



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I would love to support your journey!

I am here for you!
When you join today, you'll receive:

*6 weeks of recorded group embodiment coaching sessions

*6 areas of transformation: mindfulness, self-love, sleep, purpose and mindful eating

*Ongoing support in a dedicated Facebook group for all of your questions

*Weekly videos for yoga and mindfulness

*Guided meditations

*Journal prompts

*Lifetime access and upgrades


#1:  Yoga sequences
#2:  A 1:1 session to set intentions and hold accountability
#3:  Extra mindset videos to support you...

Join us now!!!