Why I don't panic when we feel the start of an illness!

Why I don't panic when we feel the start of an illness!
Peace of mind comes from having all of the tools already at home.  When one of the family members starts to feel under the wellness line, we just use what we already have in the Doctor Mom arsenal!

This is how I avoid feelings of overwhelm:

1. Increase all of the things on my list of every day immune system help.  
See that blog here!

2. Stay away from sugar and dairy as soon as we feel a bit crummy.  
I give tea with honey instead.  And we like to have honey with cinnamon as well.  Cinnamon is an immune stimulator!

3. Start diffusing cleansing oils to purify the air or help with respiratory illnesses. 

These are a couple of great ones: Thieves, Purification, and RC.

4. Set up a spot for the sick person with all of the following:
  • own pillow and blanket
  • bandana and tissues
  • Thieves hand sanitizer
  • Thieves mouth spray
  • Purification roller bottle
  • Detox Tea with honey
5. I spray every few hours with Thieves cleaner and wipe down surfaces.

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