5 things that helped me sleep better

5 things that helped me sleep better
If you're struggling with sleep issues, whether it's due to pregnancy, parenting, or work stress, there are ways to improve your sleep quality. Setting a consistent bedtime routine can work wonders, such as avoiding food before bed and turning off screens an hour prior to sleep. Exercise during the day, even a short walk, can help reduce stress and promote better sleep. Consider taking supplements like magnesium, melatonin, valerian, or lavender to aid in sleep, and engage in relaxation activities like reading, taking a bath with essential oils, or practicing mindfulness exercises. Ultimately, forming new habits one step at a time can lead to improved sleep, so try implementing these suggestions and see if they make a difference for you.

This is how we get them to go the F@#$ to Sleep!!

This is how we get them to go the F@#$ to Sleep!!
I'm not usually one to cuss much, but you HAVE to read the book by Adam Mansbach if you have not yet.  

And even better is the video of Samuel L. Jackson reading it!

We use breathing to help relax us at bedtime or when we are in need of some calm down time.  My daughter and I have made several Bedtime Breathing exercise videos.  I hope they are useful to practice and use when necessary!

Rainbow Breath

Ocean Breath

Balloon Breath

Hot Chocolate Breath

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