Day FOUR of Break THRU Boredom Family Challenge: CORE VALUES

Day FOUR of Break THRU Boredom Family Challenge: CORE VALUES

Day 4: Core Values
Brainstorming the family's core values and working on them consistency is an important part of cultivating a Family Mindset.  In the first 3 days, we worked on Intention, Gratitude, and Kindness.  Today, use these grounding techniques to center your family into its truest values and then work on recording them into Family rules or expectations to refer back to along your family's path.  List them with positive language as in 'We can' or 'We will' statements rather than the things you will not do. Example: We will listen to each other or We can pause before responding.

As I write this blog series we are currently on Stay at Home order for the Covid-19 pandemic.  There are a lot of new ideas and cultural shifts that have been brought into our home.  We are dealing with fewer distractions therefore we can work on and implement what is truly important to our family.  In the comments, please write what your family hopes to implement into your future goals from this 5 Day Challenge or from your time at home during the pandemic.

Affirmation: I am Strong and Rooted

Snack: Root Veggie Chips 
(eating root veggies can help you feel more grounded)
Set up a taste test using this article.  See if you develop something new that you like to eat!!

Guided Activity: Tree Pose video

Invitation to Play:  Barefoot walk
Feeling the earth under your feet is so crucial to brain development and emotional regulation!  Take some time this week to be barefoot outside.  We went around our backyard looking for different textures to put our feet on.  Then, we described the feeling on our skin.  See how many different textures you can find in your yard!

Enjoy the shift in the brain this week!

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Day TWO of Break THRU Boredom, a Family Mindset Challenge: GRATITUDE

Day TWO of Break THRU Boredom, a Family Mindset Challenge: GRATITUDE
In this blog post, the importance of cultivating gratitude within our families is discussed as a way to make a positive impact on the world. The author emphasizes the need for a "Family Mindset" that starts with self-love and gratitude, which can then be shared with others. The post suggests various activities and practices to foster gratitude, such as having a gratitude jar where family members can write down what they are grateful for and reading them together on New Year's Day. The post also includes links to resources for interactive read-aloud sessions and scavenger hunts for both younger and older children.
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