The most important things to put in a Calming Kit for Moms and teachers
Sometimes all it takes is ten minutes of calm to recenter and carry on.  If we want children to learn how to regulate emotions, we need adults who know how to as well. Build a calm kit for your home or office.

Find a super cute bin or basket and make this gift for a teacher or mom in your life.  This is especially helpful if they are going through a challenging time! I encourage you to choose a happy place/chair in your home or office and take 10 minutes per day.

These are some things that I recently put in some for the regional Head Start centers. (This site contains affiliate links.)

1. Folding yoga mat. Lots of colors to choose from.
2. Yoga cards.  You can even do a 10 minute sequence!

3. Set a 10 minute timer.  Find one with a beep if you're anything like me and tend to zone out!

4. Noise cancelling headphones.  Anything that we hear around us will continue to have us on alert.
5. Yoga mat spray and cloth.  Bonus, it smells fabulous!
6. Colored pencils and mindful coloring books.  Feel like a kid again and find joy.
7. Positive affirmation cards and journal prompts.  Find yourself a really lovely journal just for this!
8. Throw in my 90 day guided journal to keep you on track.  Accountability is very important.

I know that you are probably thinking of all of the women in your life that would benefit from these wonderful gifts.  I want to stop you for a moment and bring you back to yourself.  Can you take 10 minutes a day to sit with yourself, take a deep breath and enjoy some of these activities?  Hey, I know that you are busy, so set the timer and move on!

If you are ready for more time devoted to yourself, check out my online coaching and courses.  Here we focus on getting back to self discovery so you can be the best version of yourself. 
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