Why Gratitude is the Best Attitude Even Through Difficult Emotions

Why Gratitude is the Best Attitude Even Through Difficult Emotions
Grief really is a journey and feeling all of the emotions is the only way to keep on moving forward.
So, I stopped and felt the emotions for a minute sending those tender feelings some kindness. And, I felt loved.  I felt enough in that moment. Grateful for the love that I can still feel from my mom.


Dear Mom, you would be so proud of me!

Dear Mom, you would be so proud of me!
Dear Mom, 

I wish you could see all that I'm doing for you and because of you.  You'd be so proud!  From an early age, I wanted you to take care of yourself, to not get so stressed out, to value your own well-being.  

When we sit with FEAR, truth emerges

When we sit with FEAR, truth emerges
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Gratitude: How to make the grass greener on your side!

Gratitude: How to make the grass greener on your side!
It's important to me for my kids to be happy and content with the lives that they were given.  

That meant that gratitude practice had to be a main focus in our lives!

Just take a look at all of the benefits of a Gratitude practice!
Here are a few things that we do as a family to practice Gratitude:

1. We keep a gratitude jar.  A couple of times per week, we will write what we are thankful for on slips of paper and place them in a jar that we keep in our dining room.  On New Year's Day, we celebrate a new year by reading all of the memories and being thankful for all that the previous year had to offer us.  We then start the process again for the next year.  It's amazing to see all of the special moments that we shared during the year.  Focusing on the positive really outweighs any negatives!
2. We tell people THANK YOU!  We really try to make it a point to call, text, or write people to express our gratitude for messages or gifts.  We love to make artwork or food to share with people as a thank you too!

3. We notice beautiful things as we walk or drive and point them out.  If you've ever read or watched Winnie the Pooh, he does this simple exercise of simply naming things as he passes by.  It was in the movie Christopher Robin.  This simple act as we hike or drive just reminds us of the beauty that surrounds us.

4.  We find joy in each other with special family activities throughout the week.  Simple things like game night, fancy dinner night, or tickle time.  

Check out my pinterest board on Gratitude to implement your own family gratitude practice!

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Eating Chocolate is supposed to be slow and mindful! It's soooooooo good!

Please tell me you aren't the small percentage of people that don't like chocolate or are allergic to chocolate.!!!

 I sympathize with you, but it's hard to empathize because I just NEED to eat it!

For this mindfulness activity that's great for kids too, grab a piece of chocolate (m+ms are great because they don't melt in the hand) or a small fruit like a strawberry or raisin.

First, look at the food noticing anything about the appearance.  
Then, smell the food noticing how it smells.
Next, place it in the mouth without chewing.  Move it around the mouth noticing texture and temperature.
Finally, slowly chew paying special attention to how the teeth feel while biting it and how it tastes in different parts of the mouth.

That's how to mindfully eat!  Here are 2 videos to watch and try with us!

With Joy,
Tanya and Taylor

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