Why Gratitude is the Best Attitude Even Through Difficult Emotions


We have a mostly loving relationship sprinkled in with some sadness.  

I love the time spent together eating really good food and laughing.  

I love the favorite family recipes and reminiscing about past memories.  

I love time spent with cousins playing with and teasing each other.

This past weekend, as I baked the apple pie the way my grandmother did, I opened the brown sugar and saw the ceramic plaque from Sedona.  This is supposed to keep the sugar from hardening and it really works!!  

You see, this was a gift from my mom.  She always gave the most thoughtful gifts.  She knew that I liked useful gifts too!

Seeing this little 3 inch piece flooded me with all kinds of emotions.  Grief will do that to you.

I miss my mom cooking for us.  

I miss her hugs.

I miss the way she looked at me when she was feeling gratitude and awe for me.

I miss her calls to see how I'm doing.

You know what though?

Grief really is a journey and feeling all of the emotions is the only way to keep on moving forward.  

So, I stopped and felt the emotions for a minute sending those tender feelings some kindness.

And, I felt loved.  I felt enough in that moment.

Grateful for the love that I can still feel from my mom.

The video below is How Gratitude shows you that you are ENOUGH

Watch the Video here

This is why I love to practice gratitude daily.  Do you have a daily gratitude practice?

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