Why is my body being triggered and how do I get past it!

Why is my body being triggered and how do I get past it!
I've had a huge pressure on my chest for the past week.  It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.  I just can't seem to catch my breath and I have to force myself to take a deep breath.  When I do get a deep breath, there is occasional wheezing.

Unstoppable: Turning Self Doubt into Self Confidence

Unstoppable: Turning Self Doubt into Self Confidence

This week I was sent a gift that nearly brought me to tears. A simple mug that says, UNSTOPPABLE.

As a yoga and mindset coach, people often say to me things like: 
"You are so calm."
"You are so strong. "
"I wish I could talk to my kids that way."
"I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible."

And the list goes on.

But, here's a little secret: 

I have to work daily on my self confidence and on my mindset.  You see, we all do!  It's crucial to find a community and friends that will support you and push you to turn your doubts into action!

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So, when this mug arrived, I had to take a moment to realize that other people see me as Unstoppable.  That's extremely flattering and I little bit intimidating because I'm not perfect.  

No one is perfect though!

The friend that sent me this mug is a friend from my childhood neighborhood.  But, here's the thing, we haven't talked in over 20 years!  We reconnected this year over life circumstances (grief and mental health) and I'm so grateful.  

This past year, I started a Facebook group for managing life's changes and sharing mindfulness and breathing activities.  We all have our own journeys and we all learn from each other.  Come join us!  

Honestly, I think the group has been most helpful to me!  It has allowed me to push through fears and doubts to create a life that I've only dreamed about!  I now have a website, blog, 3 courses, and an online yoga club!!

AND, the best part is I have friends from all over the place that are there to support me and build my confidence while I support theirs!
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How to help our children with fear

How to help our children with fear
There's a fine line between scaring our kids and allowing them to build resiliency.  

First, a story.
I took a group of kids from a nearby school on a mindful leaf hunt.  At one point, I stopped to offer a silent walk.  The task was given to take turns walking at a time spaced about 100 feet apart.  I went first and employed a student leader to send the next.  See, at this school, the kids are trusted and their leadership skills are developed.

It was a straight shot in the trail, but along a creek and surrounded with trees so there was little visibility.  However, I could see the majority of the group as I looked back.

The kids were reminded to use our mindful senses of breathing, listening, and feeling the ground beneath them.  I was promptly told that this is not a 'silent' walk, there are sounds all around.  Well, geez, kids are amazing creatures!!

Well, as we reflected, I was taught some valuable lessons that day!  Kids are not trusted enough AND we are building fear within them.

These are the things that they told me when asked about feelings that arose.
"I felt proud because I felt like an adult."
"I felt scared because I'm not used to being alone."
"I felt worried because other (younger) kids were left behind."
"I felt happy to be walking in the woods."
Everyone's feelings were valid and we learned so much that day!

They are capable.  They can do scary things.

Some things I learned this week about allowing our kids to work through fear.

1. If they are not given any opportunities to experience fear, they will not be able to experience growth.

We often shelter our children from situations that will cause them discomfort in some way.  What if you gave them an age appropriate task and told them, "I trust that you can do this?"
Does this show them that you are scared?  Does it show them that they are not trusted?
No, it gives them confidence.

As they go about the task, they feel capable. They feel proud.  If they reach a stumble or a moment of self-doubt, they have your encouraging words, "I trust you."  They start to trust themselves.

2. Processing strong emotions shows that it's ok to feel all the feels.  

When a stumbling block arises or a fear arises, let's discuss that.  Ask, "what did you feel as you finished your task?"  Try not to judge or give your own projections.  Just be a listening ear.  It will amaze you at what kids come up with.  End the conversation by seeing if they have a new strategy for dealing with the fear next time.  Something that may help them face it head on.


Your adult children will thank you!

Need some help with routines? 

If you need help navigating your own fears, please hop on over to my Facebook group where we share stories of loss, fear, big changes, and big emotions.

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Following the guidance of a guru in times of overwhelm

Energies are extremely high and volatile in our global and national arenas right now.  

As someone who takes on a lot of other's pain and discomforts, I often find it difficult to ground myself and find clarity.  I understand that I need time in nature, time with meditation, and time with research.  With 2 small kids at home, that's next to impossible!

But, I still need to have a routine.  So, I like to follow a monthly rhythm to find these things.  I listen to and read from several different mentors/gurus/teachers whatever you'd like to call them.  

I've shared the astrology ones in this post because we're celebrating July 4th in the US.  It's a full moon partial lunar eclipse.   There is a lot of unrest and we all feel it!  It can be super overwhelming. 

These 2 lovely ladies have given me something to focus on rather than sit and twindle my thumbs feeling helpless.

Ananda Shree Astrology: A 13 minute video

Pam Gregory: A 24 minute video

My biggest takeaway from these 2 videos is that we always have what we need inside. We need to cultivate our feelings of self worth, love, and peace.  If we continue to give this our attention, abundance will come.  Also, this is a perfect time in astrology to set goals and pursue those goals.  The planets are aligned for you!!

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