5 things to do EVERY day to prevent any illness coming your way!

1. Get enough sleep.
My husband and I do our best to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
Here is my blog on how we get a good night's sleep.

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2. Vitamin D Supplements and time outside (yes, even in the winter!) 
These are the supplements that we love!  Here are some great things to add to your diet!

3. Vitamin C Supplements and we try to eat and drink fruits and vegetables every day.  
These are the supplements that we love!  We make smoothies and add lemon to our water very often.  Here is a list of foods high in Vitamin C.

4. We use Thieves oil everywhere!
We use the entire line of products daily for cleaning and for our bodies.  I carry the Thieves spray with me and my kids use the mouthwash as a spray too.  We use it in our throats and mouths to keep from getting sick.  The toothpaste has helped my sensitive gums.  We diffuse and apply the oil too.

Go here to find the Thieves Starter bundle under other premium starter kits. Honestly, the Thieves starter bundle is an amazing deal.  Everything is highly concentrated and if diluted properly lasts a very long time!

Life 9 is one that we use.  The kids use MightyPro

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