Podcasts I loved in 2022
Gosh, I love listening to podcasts! 

Not only because I need to block out the world sometimes and preserve my sanity, but also because I love learning deeper truths about other people and subsequently myself too!

Here are some that really stood out this year for me on my self discovery journey.  Share your favorites in the comments below.

We can do hard things with Glennon Doyle

Family Estrangement: Should You Repair or Run? with Dr. Galit Atlas

In this episode:
1. Cutting off contact with family is on a dramatic rise – how to know if there’s hope of repair, or if self-preservation requires distance.
2. How to have present, productive conversations with our parents about the past.
3. Why we grieve the loss of a family member even if we know it’s healthiest to cut them out.
4. Attachment styles, emotional honesty, and the difference between forgiveness and repair.
5. What to do and say – and what NOT to say – when attempting to reconnect with an estranged loved one.

The Mel Robbins Podcast

Train your Mind: How & Why the Science of Synchronicity Can Improve Your Life

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • The definition of  synchronicity
  • 3 powerful reasons why you want to invite more of it in
  • 3 simple steps to open yourself up to more synchronicity in your life

The Human Design Podcast with Emma Dunnoway

From Codependency to Authenticity with Atarah Valentine

Atarah teaches proactive change, and views self work as a learning process, not a healing process. Valentine says, “Healing implies there is something inherently wrong that needs to be fixed. It is outdated and shaming. We are all whole human beings. Some of what we learned in life is working for us still and we get to keep those things. Some of what we learned used to work for us and is now holding us back. Those are the spaces we are going to focus our attention and learn our way through. Our individual power is always inside of us.”
Atarah works with clients through one on one and group sessions and launched two workshops this year so that you can focus on your personal growth at your own pace.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Brene with Viola Davis on Being Brave, Speaking Truth, and Finding Me

This is an incredible conversation with none other than the amazing, singular Viola Davis about her new memoir, Finding Me. This book, and this conversation, are gifts—deep reflections on a turbulent childhood, the journey to overcoming trauma, and how she found her voice in the often brutal entertainment industry. She shares some extraordinary experiences that have changed her, and because of who she is, they’ve in turn changed us.

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

If you've done something wrong, feelings of guilt can prompt us to apologise, make amends and change our ways. But many of us also feel guilty with little cause. We may think we're bad parents, lazy or incompetent workers, or unreliable partners - all without much evidence that we've done anything wrong.
Life coach Valorie Burton (author of Let Go Of The Guilt: Stop Beating Yourself Up And Take Back Your Joy) felt guilty for combining her career with raising a family - until she started examining the values and assumptions that underpinned these draining feelings. She shares the strategies she developed to separate 'true' guilt from 'false' guilt with Dr Laurie Santos.

The Real Success Show with Candice Mama

Dealing with Burnout with Komal Minhas

In this episode we discuss:
-       Dealing with Burnout 
-       Befriending Risk
-       Informed By Trauma Not Defined By It

Happy Listening in 2023!

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