The mission: To support conscious families striving to raise self-aware children and foster intimate relationships. 
Let's Go!

Do you want to raise self-aware children? 
What about a program to support building a conscious family? 
We aim to build EPIC families (empathetic, passionate, intentional, and connected).

Hello!  Meet the founder.
Tanya Milano Snell holds a Masters in Education from Antioch New England and is a Certified Purejoy Parent Coach. She spent over 15 years as a play-based early childhood and environmental education teacher. Trained as a place-based educator and kids yoga instructor, she decided to leave the classroom to pursue work that aligned with her highest values.  That's where she found Purejoy Parent Coaching! Tanya has been strongly influenced by her yoga and mindfulness practice as she dives deep into her own true nature.  She specializes in supporting parents to feel all of their emotions, even the really scary ones. She also invites you to challenge conditioned beliefs and patterns in your life as you forge a new path toward wholeness. She is well known for her sense of adventure, her compassionate heart, and her deep curiosity as she leads others to discover what fuels their heart and lights their fire so they can raise kids who truly know themselves too.

This is the program for you if:
 β€οΈ You want support in gentle parenting methods
🧑 You are reparenting yourself 
πŸ’š You strive to use positive parenting strategies
πŸ’™ You have ever questioned the way you are parenting your children
🀎 You value raising emotionally intelligent children
❀️ You are committed to self discovery
πŸ’› You want your children to express their unique gifts with the world

This program is not for you if:
🀯 You don’t like trying new things
🀯 You are not willing to question your parenting beliefs
🀯 You prefer to just have someone tell you what to do with your kids
🀯 You believe that children need to listen to adults all of the time
🀯 You are not open to the possibility that your child may value different things than you

Included in the program:
❀️  8 week course with Tanya: From Ugh to Om
    Yoga video library with 100+ videos for adults and over 50+ videos for kids
πŸ’› 7 Modules on Conscious Parenting
πŸ’™ Weekly Connection call to talk about what’s on your mind and heart in parenting
πŸ’š A private FB community for peer support and Q+A
🧑 Guest Speakers, experts, and coaches in many areas including Play-based learning, Emotional Freedom Technique, Astrology, Human Design, Relationship coaching, Enneagram, Behavior Management, Mindfulness, Chakras, Nature-based learning, and so much more!

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