Let’s face it.  Moms are burnt out.  

You’ve lost your sense of self and purpose.  Life with your kids (and yourself) is passing you by, and you’re not feeling fulfilled.

Life just isn’t going how you envisioned it would be.

You’re stressed, exhausted, depleted…and you don’t even know where to begin to make it better.

In fact, 48 percent of women said their burnout is so extreme that it’s keeping them up at night.

But there is another way.  

A way to care for and reconnect with yourself, live in the moment, strengthen your relationships and feel energized again.

If you’re feeling:

  • Sadness that the “you” you used to be has disappeared
  • Exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone
  • Angry, frustrated or resentful toward your kids or others in your life
  • Overwhelmed by all the to-dos and things you’re carrying in your mind
  • Disinterested in things that used to light you up
If you’ve tried the meditation apps, parenting and self-help books and journaling, but you’re still feeling lost…

Or if you’ve been too burnt out to even start…

But you’re still longing to feel inspired and excited about something again…

You’re in the right place.

Here, the stuff that doesn’t matter falls away, 
and you have greater capacity for the 
people and the moments that are truly important to you.
Hi, I'm Tanya and I was a habitually burnt-out mama!

When I heard the word “burnout” come out of my friend’s mouth, I sat there in awe.  How could she know my experience so well from just a few sentences?  You see for about 6 months, I had been disinterested in things that used to light me up.  I was apathetic towards taking any steps to solve my current situation.  I felt depleted, but I didn’t feel hopeless and I didn’t feel depressed.  I just knew that I wanted something else that would feel inspiring.  I yearned for something that would excite me.  But, I was lost on how to get that.

Ever since childhood, I was the responsible one.  The one that took care of her responsibilities and those around her.  I got the job done and I got it done well.  Except, I wasn’t REALLY taking care of myself.  I was ensuring that others in my life, at work, and home were taken care of and I was slowly losing connection with my own desires.  I knew that being a present and caring mom and wife was important.  I knew that I had huge hopes and dreams as an educator.  But, I wasn’t sure how to have both without depleting myself day after day.

I was feeling really reactive with my family, with my students, and with my colleagues.  I didn’t have clear boundaries and I wasn’t sure how to make that happen.  One thing was clear.  I had to change something big or I wasn’t going to be ok.  I quit my job and started doing the things that felt good to me moment to moment.

I began to feel a shift, and started teaching what I learned along the way to other moms.  Now, Om in the Home Revolution is a collection of the tools that have helped us all to take better care of ourselves so we can care for others and pursue our dreams.

I’ve been where you are.  

It’s that feeling where you’re so disconnected from yourself that you don’t even know what you want anymore.

There was a time when I didn’t see any possibility for me to make the impact I hoped for with my kids and with my dreams for the world.

Here’s what I want you to know:
There is a solution, and it starts with you.

When you care for yourself (and not just in a bubble bath and mani/pedi kind of way), you remember who you are.

And you show up as the amazing version of you that has been hiding away.

Om is feeling that deep loving connection to life.
Om is living from the infinite wisdom of your heart.
Om is being one with your highest self– in work, play, partnership, parenthood and self!

I have good news for you: Om is always in you. 
And when you access your Om, it is sustainable, re-energizing and life-changing for you.

When there is om in your home…

You feel the difference.  You see the difference.

Your partner, your kids, your clients - They see that you have made a CHANGE.

They see that you are a woman with greater capacity for everything, with the ability to be present for the people and the moments that matter most.

The Revolution is Based on 7 Pillars of Connection

Motherhood is above all a relationship not a skill to be acquired.  
Instead of trusting in your relationship with your kids, you may be looking for cues on how to be a parent.  
Externally looking for the answers and developing strategies based on your conditioned responses is what leads to burnout.  
Connection in the parent-child relationship becomes strained and it's easy to lose connection with your own needs time after time.
Throughout the year, we'll dive deeper into each of these pillars to stay connected in all areas of our life and relationships.

Om in the Home Revolution

I know that when you’re depleted and burnt out, it’s hard to find your Om (or even to believe it’s there).

That’s where Om in the Home Revolution comes in.  Through self-guided courses, community , group sessions and more, I coach and support you to access your unique version of Om.
 Through Om in the Home, you’ll learn to:

  • Care for yourself and transform relationships with the people you love most (yes, including you!)
  • Connect with yourself, heal generational patterns and define a new path
  • Revitalize yourself and know your worth
  • Practice living in the moment
  • Set boundaries that support you
  • Connect with your kids in a deeper way
  • Experience and process your big feelings so you end your day feeling free, unburdened and light

Inside the program, you get access to my complete library of self-paced courses 
on topics like conscious parenting, finding your purpose, mindful eating and more.  
You’ll also receive adult and child yoga libraries to practice on your own or as a family.

There are three membership levels to choose from, so you can 
find the one that matches your unique needs and your budget.

Here's what others are saying...
Inside Om in the Home Revolution, you'll get...
A library of self-paced courses, including:

Conscious Parenting Course

Learn to use gentle parenting methods and positive parenting strategies to raise kids who are in touch with their emotions and have the confidence to express their unique gifts with the world.  You’ll also discover more about yourself and how your childhood relates to the way you parent now.
Reclaim your Body, Transform your Mind

Reconnect with yourself to find purpose, connection and JOY through embodiment practices

Rediscover yourself, your passion and your true purpose through modules on mindfulness, self-love, better sleep, creativity and more.
Mindful eating, anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and intermittent fasting

A 21-day gut reset for more energy with less stress and inflammation.  You'll practice tools such as Intermittent Fasting, anti-inflammatory foods, physical movement and stress management techniques. 
Additional options for group coaching, a private Facebook community, 1:1 support and more are also included in select membership levels.
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Coach Ambassadors!!
When finding your Om you need options and experimenting.  One time of year you may want one thing and the next season another. That's why I've brought in guest coaching for mind, body, and soul.


Determining your belief system and Living your highest values to find your OM.

Focusing on growth and being intentional with your time to find your OM.

Knowing your energetic makeup and flowing with the universal energy to find your OM.

Some favorite recordings

Adult and child yoga libraries
100+ on-demand yoga videos for adults and over 50+ videos for kids

We were all our own people before we became moms.

And, guess what?  She’s still in there, and she can be even better than before!
Don't just take my word for it...


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