Please tell me you aren't the small percentage of people that don't like chocolate or are allergic to chocolate.!!!

 I sympathize with you, but it's hard to empathize because I just NEED to eat it!

For this mindfulness activity that's great for kids too, grab a piece of chocolate (m+ms are great because they don't melt in the hand) or a small fruit like a strawberry or raisin.

First, look at the food noticing anything about the appearance.  
Then, smell the food noticing how it smells.
Next, place it in the mouth without chewing.  Move it around the mouth noticing texture and temperature.
Finally, slowly chew paying special attention to how the teeth feel while biting it and how it tastes in different parts of the mouth.

That's how to mindfully eat!  Here are 2 videos to watch and try with us!

With Joy,
Tanya and Taylor

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