As a teacher, you know
that your job goes way beyond academics.

Being a kid can be stressful, and students bring their emotions and anxiety into the classroom with them.

It can be difficult to teach self regulation strategies in addition to the academic curriculum (especially if you struggle with this yourself).

You might even notice yourself becoming more and more reactive and stressed with your students.

You all need a little relief.

You can equip your students with the skills to be aware of and manage the stress and anxiety in their own bodies.

You can learn to manage your own stress

and be an example for them.

This is exactly why I would love to bring yoga to your classroom, after school program, or event - to give teachers and caretakers the tools they need to connect with themselves and the little ones in their lives.

In my classes, you learn breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga poses and balances, and growth mindset.

Once learned, the skills are easily integrated into daily school and home life.

    Blue Sky Kids Yoga
Gives you all the tools you need to 
connect with yourselves and each other.

If you’re a teacher or professional who works with kids, 
I would love to bring a program to you.

  • Preschools
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Special Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Girl Scout Troops
  • Sports Teams

Email or call 765-212-5706 to inquire

Meet Your instructor

Tanya Milano Snell
Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor & Coach

Hi, I'm Tanya!

As a classroom teacher, I was stressed and close to burnout.  

I started including yoga practice into my daily curriculum not only for myself, but for the benefits I know and see for the kids.  

Many more children are coming to school with levels of stress and trauma from any number of things.  

My own upbringing left me with some childhood trauma as well.  

I am trained in Trauma-Informed Kids Yoga through Yoga Ed and am so excited to support you in your practice, in and out of the classroom.  

Email or call 765-212-5706 to inquire

...and her team!


Taylor loves to sing and dance.  Her body needs grounding and inversions to feel settled.  She also likes the challenge of balance poses and working on her flexibility in splits.  Her favorite poses are dolphin and eagle pose.

Teagan loves to be active.  His body needs big movements with deep pressure.  When yoga starts, he is able to sit focused and attentive.  He loves to get silly in some of the poses.  His favorite is practicing breathing and doing tiger pose!
Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is the one and only bear you need to find your inner peace and strength when life gets hard.  He is flexible and soft.  From boosting your mood to reminding you to focus on your breath, he’s a great companion to your yoga and mindfulness practice.

The benefits of yoga last far beyond your time on the mat.  

A regular practice of yoga, breathing and mindfulness supports stress relief, mind/body connection, positivity, kindness and bravery.

Email or call 765-212-5706 to inquire

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