Are You Ready To be more Compassionate with Yourself and Your Family!

What is a Coach?

I see, hear, and understand my client's struggles, set backs, and really difficult emotions.  I'll work alongside you in supporting your journey of self compassion and joy in your life.

I really listen to you!

Finding the 'OM' in the MOMENT
1:1 Session

Here is what you get:
  • An hour to just be
  • A listening ear for your overwhelm
  • An hour to make yourself a priority
  • Questions sorted and eased
  • Some understanding, clarity, and comfort in any emotions that arise
  • Cost is $97

Join my Monthly Group Mindfulness Coaching!

Finding the 'OM' in Moment Group Coaching

Here is what you get:
  • Zoom group coaching sessions the first 3 weeks of the month.
  • Multiple times to choose from per week
  • Weekly Walk Talk for mindset chat and answer your Q's
  • A private & dedicated FB group
  • Coaching session include mindfulness and breathwork, emotional coaching, and setting intentions for self care that works for YOU.

Finding the OM in MOM
1:1 Coaching
support in identifying and recognizing your parenting triggers
Together, we will work through the PureJoy Parenting Paused course that will open your heart to unconditional parenting.  In this model, I support you through the 4 parts of your trigger: the sensations, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.  You CAN be the parent you always dreamed of being!  The greatest results occur in an 8 week model.

Just book a chat and we'll get you set up right away!

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Cultivate Self Compassion in your life!  Don't wait any longer!

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DISCLAIMER: Coaching is not counseling, therapy, mentoring or sponsoring. Coaching may address specific personal issues about parenting your child, how you were parented as well as general conditions in your life.