Do you want to raise self-aware children? 
What about a program to support building a conscious family? 
This course aims to build EPIC families (empathetic, passionate, intentional, and connected).

This is the program for you if:
 β€οΈ You want support in gentle parenting methods
🧑 You are reparenting yourself 
πŸ’š You strive to use positive parenting strategies
πŸ’™ You have ever questioned the way you are parenting your children
🀎 You value raising emotionally intelligent children
❀️ You are committed to self discovery
πŸ’› You want your children to express their unique gifts with the world

This program is not for you if:
🀯 You don’t like trying new things
🀯 You are not willing to question your parenting beliefs
🀯 You prefer to just have someone tell you what to do with your kids
🀯 You believe that children need to listen to adults all of the time
🀯 You are not open to the possibility that your child may value different things than you

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