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Do you want to be more intentional and less reactive in your life?

I used to think I needed to find time to sit on my mat and meditate to be more mindful so I felt defeated without even trying. The perfectionist in me told myself that I would never be the mindful, calm mom that I wanted to be.

I had no idea how to model self regulation in difficult times to be more joyful with my kids.

Well, I’ve done all of the hard work of finding daily mindfulness practices and it’s not on a yoga mat! 

It’s super easy for you to follow and begin a new journey towards more joy.

Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest is a collection of empowering, motivating, and educational stories that will tug at your heart strings while empowering you to step into your own Big Me potential. From addiction, illness, lack of confidence, loss of loved ones, PTSD, and more the contributors of this book have walked through darkness and emerged victorious.

The Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest book has been brought to you by a collection of leaders paving the path of the future in their given fields. Within it's pages you will find insight from Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, Nick Wingo, Dr. Frances Malone, Jenny Emerson, Russel Creed, Jennifer Aube, Valerie Fischer, Cory & JoJo Rankin, Peter Neilson, Kiki Rae, Tanya Milano-Snell, Dannah Macalinga-Pedrigal, and Kira Birnie.

You Can Overcome Anything! Volume 7– With Love is a collaboration project between 13 authors who are from all walks of life sharing some of their life stories and lessons. In this book, the authors talk about overcoming some of their own life obstacles and how “love played an important role in their success. You will get empowerment, inspiration, and motivation to continue to move forward in your own journey and reach your full potential.

These amazing stories will resonate with you regardless of where you are in your life journey. By sharing their own life experiences, habits, and mind obstacles they had to overcome, you will grow and learn that you too Can Overcome Anything!

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*TRIGGER WARNING * When Cancer Claims Your Parents & Its Impact on Parenting
Tanya Milano is a wife and mom of 2. The oldest of 5, she grew up in a house of stress and chaos. She had huge dreams of a building a calm and nurturing family. A trained teacher who has read lots of child development and gentle parenting books, she found parenting young children wasn't as calm as she was dreaming about. She read even more to nd the answers. However, faced with the death of rst her MIL and then both of her parents, she found herself not sleeping well, fatigued, and very angry. This was acted out on her children and then the guilt set in. Some serious changes needed to take place and one of them was leaving the teaching profession. Today, she coaches moms just like her to Find the OM in MOM.
Key Takeaways:
Self awareness and vulnerability is the key to the freedom from pain and breaking the cycle of generational stress response.
Find Deeper Connection and Joy in Motherhood
Are you struggling to connect with your children and find joy in the messy day-to-day? This episode is for you! Tanya shares with us how she learned to self-regulate her own emotions to calm the overwhelm, and how doing so helped her children learn to work through their own emotions too. Think you can't do it too? Make sure you listen to the end, where Tanya tells us how we all can learn to self-regulate and gain more peace in our lives!


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