Are you a motherless daughter?

Do you have a challenging relationship with your mom?

Or maybe you struggle with the way you were parented and wish it was different?

Grief is the Gateway to Joy!

In this recorded workshop, we'll discuss the ancestral mother, how your mother bond informs how you interact with the world, and leaning into your own role as mother.

Tanya and Holly are two Purejoy certified coaches who are passionate about how they mothered through grief and how that informs how they will be in the world moving forward.

Through guided practices, journaling, and discussion we will support you to appreciate everything that was, which makes space for everything that is right now

Meet Tanya, a motherless and fatherless daughter
Tanya, a certified Purejoy Coach brings a compassionate heart and a passion for mindful awareness.  At the age of 34, with two small children, her parent's received 2 cancer diagnoses.  Being the oldest of the five siblings, the year and a half before her parent’s death was stressful to say the least.  Her parents living in one place, her siblings in another, and she was a plane ride away from both.  Having always been the one who gets things done, who takes care of business, who goes into survival mode with the drop of a hat, that year and a half of care taking was mostly familiar.  By the age of 36, she was orphaned.  What came next after their death was not so comfortable.  Emotional instability, uncertainty, and redefining herself as a mom and wife since she didn’t have her parents has been an epic journey!

Meet Holly Cole, a motherless daughter

Holly, a Purejoy parent coach, brings a distinctly Jungian flavor to her work.
Born and raised on the east coast of the United States, she now lives in Sydney, Australia with her daughter.
Holly’s initiation into motherhood was marked by the extremes of joy and grief, having lost her mother to cancer just three weeks before the birth of her daughter.
Finding her own light within the darkness, she now supports others in finding their own inner resource. There is a distinct power and beauty within each of us, uniquely our own, often hidden where we least expect it.
We all could use more support on our parenting journey.

What to bring:
❤️  Your full heart (aka whatever shows up)
💛 Something comfy to cuddle with, a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal
💙 A journal and pen
💚 Snacks and drinks
🧡 Anything else that makes you feel safe (essential oils, crystals, a trinket from you mom, a photo)

Would love to be with you for this special workshop on what it means to be a mother when yours is no longer with you.