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What is a Coach?

I see, hear, and understand my client's struggles, set backs, and really difficult emotions.  I'll work alongside you in supporting your journey of self compassion and joy in your life.

I really listen to you!

What coaching is and is not:                        
Coaching is not therapy or consulting or counseling. A parent coach holds the client in a space of their inherent wholeness and wisdom. 
Through skillful and deliberate questions a coach supports their client to discover new possibilities within life situations that might seem stagnant or obstructing to their happiness. The process is always determined by the client's willingness and readiness to affect changes for themselves. The coach has no other agenda than to support the process of self- discovery with joy and open-mindedness. Once a new vision of possibility has emerged, a skillful coach will help co-create actions and practices that support the client in actualizing the new awareness that has surfaced during the coaching conversation. The accountability is with the client, but a coach can be very helpful in assisting a deeper look into the nature of "setbacks" or perceived failures. Learning and moving forward is paramount. 

OM begins with MOM
1:1  and Group Coaching
support in identifying and recognizing your parenting triggers
Together, we will work through the PureJoy Parenting Paused course that will open your heart to unconditional parenting.  In this model, I support you through the 4 parts of your trigger: the sensations, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.  You CAN be the parent you always dreamed of being!

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Course includes: 
  • Online course material and discussion for journal prompts
  • 8-one hour Zoom coaching calls
  • Supplemental worksheets to print
  • a weekly email reminder/check-in
  • Group Marco Polo with other conscious moms

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DISCLAIMER: Coaching is not counseling, therapy, mentoring or sponsoring. Coaching may address specific personal issues about parenting your child, how you were parented as well as general conditions in your life.