3 Quick Tips to stop beating yourself up over FLIPPING YOUR LID
Honestly, if we had been made to feel ok with our strong emotions in childhood, we would be handling our emotions in adulthood, but alas here we are. So let's start treating ourselves like the children we are and send some loving kindness our way!!

Instead of feeling shame and guilt when you blow up, let's start reframing for yourselves, your kids, and your partners.  Watch my video for 3 Tips to stop beating yourself up over Flipping Your Lid!

Watch the video to learn more about the upstairs and downstairs brain!!

I'll do a deeper dive training into the primitive brain soon in my FB group!  

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Get my tips on Living Simply when Life Gets Complicated. Because let's face it, if we don't slow down and take care of the simple things, that's when we FLIP OUR LIDS!!

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