How to build a better relationship with your Mom when she's not there for you
For years, I wanted nothing to do with being my mom.  I was determined to not be my mom.  I was going to be a more balanced and gentle mom.  A mom that saw her children for all of their weaknesses and not just their strengths.

Then, I suddenly recognized her voice and behaviors in me.  People started telling me all of the time that I look like her too.  I was being critical of my children and nagging.  I was flying off the handle when I didn't get what I wanted.  I was taking it personally when my kids didn't like something that I liked.  

I had organized my life around not doing those things.  Why was I doing just the things that I didn't want to do?

I knew there was something more than just practicing yoga, eating healthy, and reading positive discipline books.  Even my husband was telling me, 'why can't you practice what you preach.'

The question I asked myself was: 

How do we break through unconscious limiting beliefs when we don't even know what they are?

Trying to define yourself is like biting your own teeth --Alan Watts

Sometimes we need a self awareness practice and a coach!  Join me in this Mother's Day awareness practice.

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Are you ready to face them?

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