Grief is just love with no place to go.
The holidays can be quite the emotional roller coaster.  

Never mind, if there has been a really big life change that has brought feelings of grief.

Grief doesn't just mean a loss of life.  Grief is the loss of something once loved.

In this Dealing with Grief over the Holidays workshop, I discuss the different types of loss in your life or a family member's life.  

There may be symptoms that display as depression and anxiety.  I want you to know that these are very normal and that it may take quite some time for you to process through it all.  There is nothing wrong with you for feeling out of sorts and wanting to do things differently than you would have in the past.

I also get into what can you do to provide emotional support for yourself and others if there are feelings of grief that are arising.

If you are looking for a community of parents to support you through it all, Om in the Home Revolution is for you.  

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