How to manage your family's digestion without breaking the bank!
Digestion is not created equal for everyone.  That makes food shopping and preparation truly difficult for a family.  Sure, we could each have our own food and eat 4 different meals, but who has time for that!

Instead I've come up with 5 ways to support the whole family's digestive needs.

1. We eat ONE MEAL A DAY that is the same for everyone.  
I really don't like spending my whole day cooking and cleaning.  The rest of the day we pick and choose what we like individually or I set out an array of choices buffet style or what I call 'the platter.'  

Read this blog for my favorites.

3. We eat foods that help with digestion and we take supplements that are specific to INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.
MY HUSBAND: He has Crohn's, he needs to be careful of foods that aggravate him.  He tries for a Low FODMAP diet with lots of liquids like soups and smoothies when he's feeling yucky.  Here is a great book to grab.

MY DAUGHTER: She rolls tummygize on her stomach.  It's diluted for kids' sensitive skin.
MY SON: Very little dairy
MYSELF: Very little dairy and wheat.  I take Digize oil internally.

4. We try to get enough MOVEMENT so digestion is improved.  We love family bike rides and hikes!  

Personally, I need to get my hips and low back loose to stay regular. 

Check out my free detox yoga series on Youtube here.  I have 3 very short videos to help get things moving!

5. We stay away from PROCESSED FOODS AND SUGARS as much as possible.  These usually happen enough when we're out and about so I don't keep them in the house.

Are you ready to make SOME of these changes for yourself and your family?
Here's how I can help!

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