7 Day Yoga Challenge Preparation: I CAN DO THIS

Welcome to the 7 Day Yoga Challenge!

Affirmation: I CAN DO THIS (repeat to yourself as you set up for this week's challenge)

Before you begin, we have a few weekend tasks to complete: 
  1. Buy a bag of lemons so you have enough for the week.  

  2. Set up a sacred space where you will practice each day.  It doesn't have to be spectacular and if you don't have a yoga mat, that's perfectly fine.  You can use a beach towel. Also, grab a towel, blanket or pillow to keep nearby as well. I've shared a picture of a space that I use at home in my bedroom.  It just feels like I can enter a peaceful state of mind quicker when I use the same space and keep it special.

  3. Set your intentions for the week--write them in a journal, choose a few favorites from the 38 benefits article.  Please post one or 2 of them for us to see!  We can check in on them throughout the week.

If you want more than my 20 minute challenge or want to save this for the rest of the month,Yoga with Adriene has an entire month of yoga here and this week she has some free offerings.  I am not affiliated, just sharing the free week here of yoga here.  Her welcome video is also inspiring if you need another push!

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  1. Tanya Milano Snell  04/18/2021 03:45 PM Central
    My intention this year is to focus on my own practice and give myself time and attention even just 20 minutes/day!
  2. One of my intentions for this challenge is to commit to a yoga time now that my children are home with me everyday!

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