6 Ways to Stay Connected in Your Home
When I decided to become a mom, I knew that what I valued above all else was staying connected to myself.

Here are 6 Ways that I ensure that I continue to nurture myself while nurturing my family members.

1.  Connection to Self
What makes you feel good?  Are some things that you just can't live without on a daily basis?

2. Connection to Others
What is important to your family members?  What makes them feel really good?

3. Connection through Play
As a family, what are you going to do daily, weekly, monthly to be playful together this season?

5. Connection to Nature
What do you enjoy about the natural world in summer?  What sights, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells do you want to make happen?

6. Connection to Place
As you think of your home and yard, what special projects or responsibilities are part of the summer months?

7. Connection to Community
Staying connected to a community is really important for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.  What groups or communities are you going to connect with this summer?

Are you ready to set intentions for yourself and your family in these areas? 
Grab my free pdf template and watch the video below.

Families, communities, and individuals all have a unique pattern of life: their own rhythm. 

The Om in Your Home Revolution supports you to find your own rhythm, as well as how to nurture and facilitate the rhythmic identities of those in your home.

Om. A word you may never have uttered but find in your home everyday. 

In this coaching program, we'll explore the values of family and community as well as natural rhythms and rituals that foster caring for family members--and ourselves.

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