5 Ways to Find Relief from Seasonal Allergies
Growing up I was surrounded by allergens from cigarette smoke to dog hair.  I also had my fair share of sugar in my diet!  I was sick most Springs and Summers through adulthood.  It often led to a very croaky deep voice and bronchitis or sinus infections, which meant I needed antibiotics at least once a year.  I also decided to use Flonase to prevent these seasonal discomforts.  Well, not anymore!!

Here are the changes that I made in my household and in my body so I don't need pharmaceuticals and I don't get sick anymore.

  1.  I eat right (most of the time).  I reduce sugar, processed foods, and dairy.  I eat raw honey and foods rich in Vitamin C.
  2. I take supplements. I take a high quality probioticdigestive enzymes, drink an antioxidant juice, spray my throat with Thieves, and Inner Defense(Shop here)
  3. I clean the air in my home.  I have an air purifier, plants that clean the the air.  I dust somewhat regularly and diffuse Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.                        Buy it on Amazon
  4. I keep my nasal passages clean. I use an all natural nasal spray and neti pot.Buy it on Amazon
  5. I do facial yoga, massage, and breathing. Here is a video of Lion breath and Alternate nostril breathing.

I hope you can find some relief from any of these ways to manage seasonal discomfort.  

How I keep from sounding like an 80 year old smoker every Spring and Fall!

I was miserable every time the season changed! It often required me to get antibiotics for sinus infections or bronchitis.

After adding these 5 changes into my life, I can now say Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I've been without antibiotics for 10 years now!!

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