Chronic back pain have you feeling blue?  I totally get it!
🌖This month's oil for Full Moon yoga. We added a drop to our tea and enjoyed the earthy aroma and flavor! I'm excited to use Copaiba this winter for my achy needs.

There is nothing worse for mental health than chronic pain.  That's why I make pain management a priority in my life!

Every winter, I struggle with aches and pains, headaches, and fatigue. Last year, I discovered a  muscle rub that I love! Anytime, my neck felt stiff and achy, I would rub the muscle rub on and sleep so much better! 

Also, a daily magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin b, and omega 3 has been wonderful for the unrest I've been feeling in my body. I take a shot of my antioxidant juice with them. It really takes the edge off during the homeschool day when wine isn't an option!

🍵So, this year, I'm trying cobaiba vitality oil in my coffee or tea since I really enjoy the flavor. It can be added to a veggie capsule too!

Here's a great blog all about Copaiba's uses!

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