Are you listening to the Dis'ease' in your body to prevent Disease?
Hey mamas,

As I sat with my discomfort this week surrounding my self care journey over the last year, it became very clear that I hadn't been listening to the dis'ease' in my body (again).

For me, the uneasy feelings in my body show up as tight shoulders, pain in my jaw, constipation, and low back pain.  A lot of times, I will let it go on too long before doing anything about it.

Growing up I watched my parents ignore their bodies and internalized more than I realized. I decided that, as an adult, when I feel something is not feeling comfortable in my body, I will do something to support a change.

I committed to yoga practice, hiking, journaling, and continuing to send myself the love that I desperately was searching for externally. I seek out chiropractors, massage therapists, and other holistic coaches.

This doesn't mean that I don't slide into low confidence, self worth, and apathy about taking care of myself.  It means that when this does happen I have to get real about what I value most and do more of that.  

Getting myself back to more outside time, more dancing fun, and more yoga!  Also, less sugar and carbs!  I know what makes me feel good inside and out.  

And, you know what I ask for support because connection is what drives my joy and then I want more.  Mind blowing concept for me!

Watch this week's video for more on this:

Here are a couple of ways that I can support a change in your dis'ease.'

  1. Get your digestion on track with the 21 day Gut Reset
  2. Bring in some mindful movement with Om in the Home Yoga Club
  3. Let's get down to those childhood beliefs and break conditioned patterns with From Ugh to Om
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