HELP! My kid won't eat healthy!

HELP! My kid won't eat healthy!
“What can I do to get my 10 year-old to eat a little bit healthier, to eat a balanced diet? Is it too late for a 10 year-old?”

Let's start off with this, it's never too late to eat healthy. Take a deep breath and repeat, it’s not too late. 

Even better, you can make it fun by learning about and trying new foods as a family!

What is Mindfulness and How can I start a practice?

What is Mindfulness and How can I start a practice?

Starting a mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be mystical or elusive.

Do you want to be more intentional and less reactive?

I used to think I needed to find time to sit on my mat and meditate so I felt defeated without even trying. The perfectionist in me told myself that I would never be the mindful, calm mom that I wanted to be.

Watch my short video about What mindfulness is.

I had no idea how to model good habits of intention and joy for my kids.

Well, I’ve done all of the hard work of finding a daily mindfulness practice and it’s not on a mat!  It’s super easy for you to follow and begin a new journey towards more joy.

I have a FREE 90 day Challenge and it only takes a few minutes a day!  Jump in my Facebook group.  It’s there to repeat anytime you want too!

I'll take you on a journey to rediscover yourself and what brings joy.  We notice thought patterns and become aware of our body in a new way.  We'll smile more, laugh more, stay calm when necessary, and identify triggers together.

Oh, and the group is full of supportive women that will lift you up farther than you thought possible!!

Do you have an inconsolable baby or child?

Do you have an inconsolable baby or child?
In our house, having essential oil rollers around for certain needs is a must!

Not only do they ease the kids' worries, but I'm remaining more calm because we have a resource for each problem that arises.

Can you be a Peaceful Piggy?

As we set up our Homeschool routines this fall, I have to constantly revisit my intention for deciding to homeschool.  

Setting up successful tools and strategies for myself and my children to build a lifelong mental health practice.

I'd like to share one practice here.  We build a calm down bin with a few items that may help in times of overwhelming emotions.  In these 2 videos, we show the book and the mindful jar that you can build with your children.  

I love the analogy of the jar and the mind.  

Sometimes our thoughts are swirling and fast and with a little bit of calming time those thoughts and emotions can settle and we can think a bit clearer.

Eating Chocolate is supposed to be slow and mindful! It's soooooooo good!

Please tell me you aren't the small percentage of people that don't like chocolate or are allergic to chocolate.!!!

 I sympathize with you, but it's hard to empathize because I just NEED to eat it!

For this mindfulness activity that's great for kids too, grab a piece of chocolate (m+ms are great because they don't melt in the hand) or a small fruit like a strawberry or raisin.

First, look at the food noticing anything about the appearance.  
Then, smell the food noticing how it smells.
Next, place it in the mouth without chewing.  Move it around the mouth noticing texture and temperature.
Finally, slowly chew paying special attention to how the teeth feel while biting it and how it tastes in different parts of the mouth.

That's how to mindfully eat!  Here are 2 videos to watch and try with us!

With Joy,
Tanya and Taylor

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